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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

You are right, my comment on 154 was a slight exaggeration, there is good info here on the plane, several posts per page is about the average. Other stuff is mind numbing drama or stuff that should be in another thread. The info on the plane is useful and helpful to me or whoever cares about this plane. If this one keeps going fine, I just hope that it goes on with discussion of the plane, not Imac, fuel tubing, weather, blah blah blah.
I do not think there is a person out there that would truly miss the excess bull that goes on either in this thread or any here at RCU, and would not find it more informative and enjoyable to open the thread and find just decent info on the plane that they want to explore.

By the way, I love the plane, and am truly impressed by its flying, to me, its the best ARF right now of any kind on the market, for the money.