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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

My Brison "only" turned 6600 with the Pitts muffler on a 22x8 Menz S, It's certainly better now on the canister, but it flew fine before, and would hover easily. If you have 20lbs of thrust on a 16 lb airplane I wouldn't say it will "barely" pull out of hover. You don't need a 5:1 power to weight ratio like a 6 oz foamy on 3 cells. I have flown and hovered airplanes that are just about 1:1, so bad that you have to wait for the fuel to burn down before it will pull out (well, not that bad) but to the point if it went lean or rich, it would have started decending. That was on a 7-8 lb fun fly with a Saito 72. I flew it for years like that, the light wing loading is what made it key, and I hovered it all the time, about 2-3 clicks from WOT.

I think my Yak flies great now, (on the canister) and I thought it flew damn good before, (only 6600 RPM) You guys must have rediculous power with the DA-50. (keep in mind it will still FLY with less power, and do all the same maneuvers)

Edit: I'm at 900' elevation, so I guess 6600 RPM here is moving a lot more air than 6600 RPM in Salt Lake City, ( I just re-read the post that 6500 RPM won't hover a 14 lb H9 Cap at the higher elevation) you wouldn't think it would be THAT drastic, since we are talking pretty close to the same RPM, but on a 2lb lighter airplane, that's a serious loss of efficiency !