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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Those weights are a bit of a surprise - The whels that came with mine were those big doughnuts that were quite heavy - I also ditched the pants and saved 4 oz with my aluminum gear -
But my 10 oz pipe and big header is not light
My model is a little nose heavy -
My 22x8 is a Mejzlic-which is a lot lighter load . Iam surprised more of you are not using that one on the non piped models -It should allow you to get closer to 7000 and that's best power on most of these fifties. (best torque)
The pipes really do up the torque tho ---------.
The stock DA carb flows well way up into the 7000 rpm range
I checked it at 7500 (the carb) and there was no gain on slightly larger carb -
I use the same size carb on my ZDZ with or without pipe .
Bigger props do not increase power in most cases and for 3D more revs is definately better .
This is NOT true however on electric stuff.