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ORIGINAL: dick Hanson

My 22x8 is a Mejzlic-which is a lot lighter load . Iam surprised more of you are not using that one on the non piped models.
I have not found any props lighter than a Menz. The Mejzlik might be less air load on the engine, which might allow it to attain a higher RPM, but I've found the added weight (flywheel effect) affects the transition. So I guess it's a give and take, I prefer a quicker throttle response with a lighter prop. Also, if it's a lighter load, then it must be moving less air, (less thrust) unless you're suggesting they are that much more efficient? I always thought the good ole Menz was hard to beat, they seem to perform well, they are light, and they don't cost a fortune. I'd love to have a CF prop to go with my CF spinner, but most people around here who have tried them, end up going back to some sort of wood prop, be it a Menz, 3W, BME, or MSC.