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Hi Guys Our club just lost the use of our IMAC runway ( 2200+ft paved) and are forced into using a dirt runway until August . So we are going to have to scale down a bit and keep them quite at our other field.So what is the best 50cc IMAC plane for flying unlimited and advanced IMAC not 3D. We have no one in our club that flys the smaller planes except a patty with a zdz 50 and its not that great . Any first hand info would be great. Thanks, Mark,
I had the opportunity to fly the Hangar 9 27% Extra 260 ARF with a DA-50 in it owned by Brian huffmeier at the Joe Nall last week. It only had about 4 flights on it and had no mixing in it, and needed very little. It flew remarkably like its bigger brothers, very smooth. With the DA-50 a sportsman sequence could be done easily at half to two-thirds throttle. Never had to use full throttle except doing vertical up snaps and point rolls, and then it would keep on going out of sight if the throttle wasn't reduced. It will be a real winner for Hangar 9.