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Default RE: Discharged Li-Po

Do you know what the voltage was BEFORE you put it in the drawer? LiPolys normally discharge veeeery slowly just sitting around. Two weeks, you shouldn't even be able to tell the difference in voltage...

If it dropped from a full charge down below the limit in two weeks, something is seriously wrong with the pack. It's a judgement call on your part, but I would ask for a different pack or my money back...

Now if your friend just ran it down to the limit, and left it sit discharged for a few months, that's different. What voltage is it at right now?

Bringing a pack back up needs to be done CAREFULLY. With a 3S LiPoly pack, the best way to go is to connect it to the transmitter side of a transmitter/receiver wall wart charger, then watch it with a voltmeter until it comes up above 9.0 Volts.