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Default Getting into Heli questions

Well you are in the same shoes I'm in really.. I decided to go with the JR Venture CP.. I'm using the O.S. .32 and the JR XP662 radio..
I also have decided to go ahead and get the Futaba GY401/9253 Gyro/servo combo..
I also started out with a Sim.. been using the Real Flight G2.. which that has helped me get a head start.. I have read so much and ever since I found this forum its been nothing but great news and the ppl here are great to help me out and you will learn so much.. Just read as much information as you can and take it all in..
I just got my Venture today got the tail boom on and mounted the engine and have dyed my canopy and tail wings they look great but it took me forever to find a big enough pot to dye the canopy in .. lol
Well good luck and will talk to you later..