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Man, I'e been down in the dumps lately, because I'm only 15, and I want the BEST of everything, and can't afford those things, FYI: JR PCM 10X[8D], DA Motors[8D], Those cool trick carbon fiber spinners[8D], JR Digital Servos,[8D] the new JR 10 Channel synthesized receiver coming out soon[8D], etc, etc. It all adds up VERY quickly, even boiling down to servo extensions and stuff, also I want those cool trick Duralite Batteries[8D], what I need is a job, but this hobby is soooo expensive, even though I've been in it for about 4 years, I'm already getting discouraged!! I wonder if I should quit Tell mewhat I should do, I'm trying to be content with what I have, but its soo hard, because my 6EXA wont do what I want anymore, and Ive been talking to Mike McConville so much, hes gonna get me to switching to JR in a heartbeat. Thanks soo much!!