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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

I'm with you, and I don't have a switch currently in the loop... battery plugs directly in to the Engine cuttoff.

On my other planes I use an regulator on lion for ignition and because it features a failsafe switch is behind the optical kill. If the switch is off (and working) the transmitter switch will not turn on the light telling me I have no juice... cannot start the engine otherwise.

I was refering to "switch" when a choke servo is using one witht he battery... mosy switches have no way of knowig they are powered unless you paint a dot on the one side or something... even then a simple mistake in stalling the switchplate can have it backwards. Leaving it on when you think it's off... and I see guys pinwheeling the prop around to ddraw fuel up the line... dangerous if they have no real indicator that it's hot.

Turning OFF choke with a switch when you think it's on can leave you flipping and sweating blaming a perfectly engine for getting flooded and never starting.

FInal summation for me? Optical ignition Kill is lighter, easier to install with velcro, offers a positive method od identifying "hot", will NOT allow the ignition to be hot if the OR transmitter is off (I see this TOO often) and in the event of catastrophic battery failure... the engine is killed. Whether in the air or in the pits. I don't have to grope with my one arm that is left, wipe the blood off the transmitter and hit any buttons...