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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly


When I was 15 I got an under the table job at an ice cream store. Worked all summer to get up the money to purchase a Ruger STainless Steel 22/22 Magnum single action pistol. My Mom, laid it away and I went every week and paid on it. (I was a big hunter/trapper back then)

Took me most of the summer but I did it... and the pride I had in the fact I worked and paid for that gun made it much more valuable to me.

Mowing lawns, pizza shops, etc... there are a LOT of opoortunities for making $200 a week under the table... 8 weeks times $200 would get you some pretty trick stuff. Maybe after a month your parents would see your diligence and front the rest and you could pay them back.

You posted this on a different plane thread... if you really want a rad plane, you've got to put some rad effort into it. Or hope someone just gives you one...