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Default RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread

I wouldn't mind a 6 week race series at $5 an entry. You made a good point in that most everyone is used to runnig for free or with a donation in to the race fund.

You and I have discussed the fact that for me (and you and Scott) it is about having fun - so for me the prize money is not that big of an issue. However I know that others like that added bonus and it gives them something to shoot for - and now that Eddie and Dave and Christian are pushing hard at the top - you never know who is going to win. So - like I said I would be willing to try it for a 6 week series at $5 per entry.

The only "issue" I see is what if someone shows up on say week 2 to race for the 1st time in several weeks and they don't know anything about the $$/points series -- do they race and not have to pay - but also don't share in the purse or points? I guess that we would just have to make a rule for it and we all hold to it for the series - that would be fair.