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Default RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread

First thing is lets make sure everybody knows there will be NO cash prizes. Money makes people act funny and it kills the racing. It would only be prizes such as parts and such.

Now as far as the series goes we would have to get the word out to everyone before it starts. I like a 6 race setup with 2 drops. Once the series starts everyone pays to race and they earn points. If you missed the first race then that is one of your drops. You still have 5 races to get your best 4 races in. If you miss more than that then you havent been racing to begin with so sorry about your luck. Also with 2 drops it gives the regulars a little breathing room if family stuff comes up and you cant race or if you have a bad weekend with breakage before the race.
Now if we decide to run a series and there are people that dont come out a lot or dont want to run the series then they have options. They can run on Saturdays or run at the track we are not running at on Sunday. I dont want them knocking someone back that is running the series. It wouldnt be fair.

I would still like more comments and opinions before we decide on which way to go.