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Default RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread

The race in Amherst is on June 19 I belive and I like to go. Not sure if it is a ROAR event or not. Do you know where the track is?
Hahaha, looking like a n00b is the least of my problems. It's no biggie. I had no clue how anything worked at the Tiltyard but it turned out OK beside the fact that anything that could break did. I think they are going to run 5 min qualifiers so refueling is no issue. The main is probably a 10 or 15 min heat so 1 or maybe 2 stops needed.

No the SP1 is not here yet. The guy says his bank is holding ther money for 15 days (I have no clue why they would do that) so I expect him to ship this Friday. It's time to rape the CC again. Need a new receiver, a good steering servo and an adjustable clutch for the MAC .21.