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Default RE: Charlottesville Racers Thread

I was thinking about emailing the guy and asking for directions and rules etc. See what the deal is and then decide if we want to get a group to go race.
Joel- the pitstop thing is no big deal. Basically you just go warm up, come in to top off, then your pit man times the race. When it gets to the time decided to pit he yells to let you know "Come in this time around". You just pull to the pit lane and keep gassing it as he(or she) refuels you and then get back on the track. It only takes a couple of seconds but feels like forever on the driver stand.

Now about motors. I really like that MAC motor. Scott had that thing screaming but I still like the OS. I know one thing, the only car to run 13 laps (both runs) was running the OS RG.