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Default RE: Technical Questions


Having a seperate system for the camera and an operator is a good idea. The pilot can't fly properly and be admiring the view at the same time. My own design unit uses an old 27Mhz radio, has an airborne video recorder (avoids dropouts) and a downlink. The operator can use a TFT monitor or Eye Trek VR goggles. (Monitor gives best image but goggles enable operator to concentrate better). As far as using the same supply for both receivers/servos is concerned. I don't think it should be a problem but of course you must check carefully before commiting to the air. I do not advise using the same supply to run the radio gear and the video system.

You can see some sample pictures from my system at[email protected]/Photos.htm by the way you will find that the best camera operators are under 21 and have spent far too long playing PC games!