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Default RE: seagull models



i have had only 2 Seagulll models now but I found them to be of excelent quality. I built a Boomerang 40 and Spacewalker all by myself in one weekend nd I'm only 13. As for the instructions I will have to agree and say they are very substandard but you get used to it. As for the constuction quality it is great, it is strong. don't try and tell me they are poorly built either because my Spacewalker hit the groun from at least 15 feet on the left wingtip and I got away with a broken horizontal stabilizer and a slightly damaged wingtip (maybe I was lucky, but still)

Personally I would say Seagull are very good for the price.

I too bought a boomerang 40 recently and it is a high quality kit like Fly-guy said and i am 15 (got it for my birthday a week ago), but as he also said the instuctions are a bit over the place. from what you read in the instructions and then see in the picture is the complete oposite of what the instructions say, lol. And also there are a couple of misspellings, like "Double Cheek?" and we can only laugh about it. But it was a fun build and all you need really is the engine (plus the equipment for engine) and a radio kit.