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Default RE: seagull models

I built and flew the Extra that they produce. The first issue that came up was the box said the plane needed a 46 and the instruction book said it needed a 60. I put an OS 60 FP on mine and finished the build. While it cannot be argued that these planes are a great value, I now know why. On the first flight, it trimmed out with no problems. I did not do any manuvers with it other than level flight and set up for a landing. It did require power to keep it happy on the way to the runway and after a perfect three point landing, I noticed the wing was not sitting on the wing saddle right. Upon inspection of the plane, I discovered the wing bolt mounting plate in the fusealage had popped loose from the fusealage side plates. An inspection of the wing plate reavealed that the glue applied to this plate was almost non existent. I consider myself lucky in that I did not do any manouvers on the first flight as I would have had a wreck for sure. I brought it home and went through it top to bottom and applied liberal ammounts of glue everywhere. I have flown it since and it is a good flyer, however it does fly heavy and it is not as crisp as some of my kit planes that I have built myself. Would I buy another, I think not. Good Luck, Dave