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Default RE: Tooling resin

Ummm... price... I don't remember. The company is <20 miles from my house, so I just drove there and picked it up. Anyway, I think I got a half gallon pail of the resin and a quart (more than needed) of hardener. It was probably somewhere around $100 for both, maybe less. AFAIK, You should not have to pay haz mat shipping fees on it, believe it or not, since most of their products are DOT non-regulated. The 3137 HT hardener might have get a fee tacked on (not sure), but there are other hardeners (like 3102, 3156 and 3179) if you don't need a 350°F service temperature. Shoot them an e-mail (or even a phonecall or FAX) and I'm sure they'll help you out.