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Default RE: New Hanger 9 p-51 mustang **Trainer?!?**

<<...a lot of lazy people...>>

That right there is the big reason I have a problem with these park flyers. Before the advent of all this plug'n'play stuff, not just any hambone with the bucks could participate. You had to make the effort to learn a few basics (such as frequency control!) if you were to have any chance at all of success. A fellow who had just plunked down three or four hundred bucks for a plane and set-up was a LOT more inclined to seek competent help/instruction.

Thanks mainly to the seductive, and often misleading, copy splattered across the full-page color ads in the mags (and on this site, come to think of it), any individual with money now thinks its a piece of cake, just open the box and get after it.

So, while these things no doubt bring in some new blood to the hobby, and provide fun for experienced folks as well, they also open the hobby up to some people who should stick to video games, if you get my drift. My concern is two-fold; first, I'll be honest and say that, from a purely selfish standpoint, the fact that I no longer dare fly my helos in my one acre back yard annoys me greatly.

But secondly, and far more important, I worry that one of these devil-may-care individuals will cause some disaster that will bring un-wanted official attention to our hobby. We have enough trouble policing ourselves; that poor fellow who was killed by a newbie and his helicopter in Houston a while back... the incident with the jet in Kalifornia that saw a popular field closed... the list goes on. And these involved serious modelers. I just am greatly irritated that similar incidents loom, involving restless guys looking for cheap thrills who are dabbling in our hobby, on the way to the next brief area of interest.

That's my position, and I'm sticking to it...