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Default RE: New Hanger 9 p-51 mustang **Trainer?!?**

Sorry for the delay in rspondfing, I've been away for a week. Here are the answers:

1. the landing gear. How tough is it. I am concerned about it being in the wings and the normal tendencies of the new pilot to be pretty hard on the landing gear at times. So I can see where a really rough landing can literally destroy the wing.

The landing gear mounts in the wing are very strong. The LG are raked forward quite a bit, which is done to get the desired ground handeling (which is amazing). A side benefit to the forward rake is the way the lg absorbs landing shock. They'll bend forward and up rather than transfer as much load to the wing. Weve never broben a lg mount loose. If it would happen, call into our Priduct Support dept and they'll take care of you.

2. low speed handling. I have flown other planes will all the stuff bolted to the wings and they can be slowed quite allot but I have to admit that they fly much better to me without everything hanging off of them. As far as new pilots are concerned, the extras will help but at times can introduce bad habits. So to help unlearn theser habits, I'll usually leave the things on until they are pretty proficient at takeoffs and landings plus basic aerobatics. So my next question is:

The low speed handeling is very good. The Speed brakes and flaps keep the sped down quite a bit. They do induce drag which makes the glide path steeper, which means a student will learn to make shorter landing approaches and perhaps evev carrysome throttle till near touch down. I think thats a plus IMHO, since the model stays closer in and is less exposed to and effected by wind.

The NACA droops are amazing. We used a pretty radical shape (thanks to the help of Dr. Michael Selig), which make a huge difference to the stall characteistric of the wing. It is impossiblr to tip stall or spin with the droops on. In fact you can actually pull full up elevator and hold it, then steer around and land the model while never releasing full up.

3. How does it handle with all the extras removed.

With all the xtras removed, including the droops, it acts like a pretty aerobatic sport model. If I'd compare it most closely to the Hangar 9 T-34 in flight performance once everything is removed.