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Default RE: O.S 46 ax

I have two of them, running MA 11x6 and APC 11x6. The planes are a Bridi Advanced Trainer 60 and an sport semi-symmetrical low wing design. In both cases power is more than enough, and verticals are unlimited.

I usually fly with two friends who has the same low wing model. Mine has the 46AX, and the other two has Super Tigre's. Our instructor has tried all of them, and said that the ST's seems to have a little more power, specially at low to mid rpm. Mines run with Byron 5%.

However, I always started it a LOT EASIER. The ST's half of the time requires a little patience, and some times even an starter.
For me, this is one of the most important factors, not only because it is frustrating when you can't start an engine easy, but because I wouldn't trust my set-up for the first few flying minutes if I have trouble to get it running.

Let see which one last longer, but my vote is for the AX's.