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Default RE: eflite outrunner and hobbylobby airblaster...

Yes Richie, please don't "shotgun post" the same question to multiple forums. First off, it "annoys the locals" which makes them less likely to answer in a productive way. Second off, its unnecessary because most people read multiple forums, and it's highly unlikely that nobody will read your post. Third off, its more work for you, because now you have to follow THREE threads instead of one. Fourth off, its more work for people in the future who want to benefit from the exchange; they have to hunt down three threads to get the entire conversation. Shotgun posting is so disadvantageous that there is a specific rule against it on RCU in our [link=http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/RCU_Community_Policies/m_377662/tm.htm]POLICIES[/link]

Please, and this goes for everyone who reads this, limit yourself to one post in one forum for a particular question. Don't worry about getting the wrong forum, just pick the one you think fits the question best and go with it. If you're way off your rocker... Well, that's what mods are for. We'll move the post to where it's most appropriate, and will get the most action.