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Default RE: New 81" P-47 ARF coming from Hangar 9

I have given it some thought and honestly cant figure out why you could manufacture (via cheap asian sweat shops) a world class giant P-51 and not immediately go into producing another large scale plane using all the same circumstances but with other frame details and covering. I just dont get it. If you can build one, you could simply exchange kits and covering the next week and build another.

Top Flight should have a giant scale Mustang, P 47, and Corsair by now. I think they have some executive decide to milk the Mustang for a while, then put out an ARC version and milk that for a while then think about manufacturing another ARF.

Hangar 9 pumps out a new model every few months and for that they should be rewarded with business. That P-47 needs 20 minutes of scotch bright (to kill the shiny finish) and "eat s&!t Adolf" written on one of the bombs, and its ready to go.