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I used to work for UPS. If you haven't actually been in one of these hubs to watch what's going on, you are definitely not aware of what they put your package through. The term "Fragile" and "this side up" mean absolutely nothing, nada, ZILCH!!! to the people loading your box into the trailor. But that doesn't appear to be wher your major damage occored...it occured on the belt system. What happened was, the destination trailor for your package got slammed with a ton of boxes all at once and the loaders couldn't keep up. Let me say also that, as soon as the sort shift starts it is an emergency situation. Belts need to keed rolling or all hell breaks loose. So with that said, the kept the belt moving even though they couldn't keep up, and packages just kept rolling in on the belt with nowhere to go (your box appears to have been somewhere in the middle of that) and your box probably had hundreds of packages pushing behind it. when that happens the hundreds of pounds of force exherts itself against the weakest box and turns it into an accordian.
Trust me, package service companies don't want you to know this kind of stuff because you probably wouldn't trust your pakage to them, so they can't expect you to ship the plane in a titanium case!
Having worked in this industry before, I would have never shipped the plane in such a weak box, but I still hope they do something for you.