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Default RE: Tunnel Vision

I doubt you'll come up with a satisfactory electric setup that costs much less than the hacker setup.

On the setup...

I have had mine up and flying for the last few weeks. (Chip asked me to put together the manual, such as it is - located here: [link=http://www.chiphyde.com/files/manuals/tunnelvision.pdf]TVision Manual[/link]

Hope you find it useful. If you find any errors or something unclear... please let me knowso we can update the manual.

First the TV is awesome. Very light in the air and the O.S. 1.60 has beau coup power. I am using a tuned pipe and am less than 800 ft. asl.

It was a quick and easy build. In order to make things clear, the TV was designed to accept anything from light 2 stroke glow engines like the O.S. 1.60FX to Electric power solutions all the way up to 35cc+ gas engines. In order to provide such a range of power options and still be able to balance, you need to make decisions pretty much from the get go as to battery location and rudder servo seup.

If using the OS 1.60 FX, you will need to put at least the battery up in the nose as shown in the balancing section of the manual. It's an easy setup.

You may also need to place the rudder servo in the alternate position at the rear of the "canopy". These two things should provide you with the absolute lightest setup and balance perfectly with the 1.60 FX and stock mufler.

With the tuned pipe I was able to place the rudder servo in the tail location.

A 35cc gas engine like the Roto allows you to place the receiver battery in the wing and rudder servo in the tail. You can either strap your ignition battery to the side of the nose or use a similar method of placing it in the fuse at the nose.

The O.S. 1.60 can be finicky getting it's fuel.... you can either use one of the pump/regulator systems or simply setup a header tank. (Chip's recommendation)

You get an extra 2 oz of fuel and a consistent supply of fuel to the engine. I used the APC 18x6 Wide FunFly prop. What a hoot.

DO be careful picking the plane up when built. The framework above and below the center section of the fuse is built of with stick balsa and grabbing it in these places can easily result in some crsushed sticks. It's very well but lightly built... treat it as such.