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Default RE: HPI 1965 Mustang with Painted Stripes


wow..pathetic that NO ONE can take a joke. i admit, i did think they were fake bodies that were put on wheels and axles..but the walmart thing was a total joke.
No problem...It IS kinda funny now. It's sometimes hard to know on forums...I have been on dozens of forums from cars to paintball and most of the time it is not a joke. I typically don't do forums just because of the flaming that goes on, but this really seamed like a cool site that I could contribute my experiences to.

If I can help anyone with questions about painting or masks or single color decals then I will do my best. It sucks to have tons of talented people out there that never pass down their experiences to the up and comers...So the up and comers are then forced to basically re-invent the wheel. By no way am I saying I am talented, but I have done plenty in my 42 years to possibly help with some shortcuts. All I do anymore, since injuring my back, is paint RC Car/Truck bodies for people. I have painted somewhere in the realm of 120 or so cars, so if there is a shortcut or something that makes the end product that much better, I will research until found.

I'd like to share some of my projects to those who are interested and help teach them how to get similar results with Airbrushing.