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Default RE: Pitch up with new prop!


I'll try the dive test but right now it flies with just about zero trim on the 16/4. Not more than a click or two of up. .....
With all due respect this doesn't mean much. The elevator may be trimmed level to the stabilizer but if the incidence angles are out by a bit you may have some unwanted incidence anyway. The only way to tell what the model's trim is like is to do a dive test. It also sounds like there's something odd about your description of the tail dropping during the landings unless you have some noseweight in the model. As you say that suggests tail heavy but it could also be due to some unwanted downthrust. In the end it may be worth setting up some incidence and thrustline guages that you can be sure of and measure it all up to the nearest degree of angles for all the key elements.