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Default RE: Skymaster Hawk Once Again (at least!)

Glad to hear that your Hawk flights went so well but not at all surprised , this is a delightful model to fly. I see your elevator and aileron servo set up is the same as mine but I would encourage all Hawk fliers to balance the stab. or at least add SOME weight in the nose of the stab. This is a large tailplane and much of the mass is behind the hinge line and this mass must be balanced by the servos if the stab. is not mass balanced, the load increases with "G". I believe the easier one can make life for these servos the better it will be for their longevity and you will reduce current draw by them AND reduce the risk of flutter at high speed.

As Ali said the trim position of your stab. with flap will probably benefit by being reduced somewhat.

I added about two ounces in the nose of each stab., just fishing weights secured with epoxy.

Enjoy your Hawk, its a terrific flying model.


David Gladwin.