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Default RE: Skymaster Hawk Once Again (at least!)

Hi again and thanks!

Three more succesfull flights today - really beginning to enjoy the plane! Allthough high up I dare to fly her really slow without showing any bad tendencies, down low at landing it's like twice as fast as Ali in the videos...[X(] - need some more practise (read: lots more).

to Dave03B; sorry, nobody with me to take the inflight photos. And besides, you would have needed some serious telescope to photo the plane in the first flight (you know - It's a bird! No, it's a stain in the lens! No, no, no, it really is my Hawk!!!)

to Sabre-RCU; have not installed the gear doors (yet). Also interested to hear/see some installations.

Ali, I will move the CG back some - first replacing the heavy ecu pack in front with some lithiums - should be a few mm's back with that. Did you or anyone else experiment with crow mix (AIL up with FLP down) for the landings? From my experience with heavy ballasted (not nearly this heavy!) F3B and F5B gliders the Hawk could - and i mean could - benefit from SOME crow mix. Though with very slow aproach speeds this is probably not needed (?).

David, yes, mass balancing of the elevators could not hurt if you can keep the cg at the ball park. Should be easily achievable. The plane is seeing some quite high loads in the air -my Schulze is constantly putting about 270-300 mAh to each receiver pack after only 8-10 min flight (the true mAh usage isn't this high ofcourse - don't know the real amp draws).

Today using the wheel brakes i noticed some asymmetry in braking power. Another brake contact plate (what is the word?) in the left brake had broken loose - mean the soft stuff (glued?) to the aluminium back plate. I have no experience fixing these, any suggestions?

Hopefully next flights in a couple of days...

rgds, janne