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Default RE: HPI 1965 Mustang with Painted Stripes

WOW, thanks guys...Lots of practice .

The masks I use are made by myself on my vinyl cutter. Yes the HPI is a GT 350 but I copied all of the stripes to a vector format (took like 7 hours to get them right) and chaged it to a GT 500 and am able to paint any stripe color I choose instead of the blue ones that come with the car. I am doing a Bronco now for the guy that bought the Red Mustang. I am reversing the colors, it will be White with Red stripes and it says "302" on the side stripes...looks pretty cool so far.

The wheels are ones I bought off ebay for taking pictures to display the bodies, there are a 24mm wide wheel so tire selection is limited. Magma is one that carries them on ebay. The best way to find them is to go into the remote control department of ebay and type in RED or YELLOW or WHITE WHEELS and go through the different styles. Not the best way to find them but thats how I did it.