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Default Why 3W?

Choosing a 3W over a Glow Fuel engine was simple .
The first reason was that even with the 3W on the nose the plane was still slightly tail heavy , with a 160 it would be even more tail heavy , since the nose would be lighter . Another reason for choosing the 3W is that I usually burn about a gallon or more of glow fuel in one days flying, and it gets expensive , we checked all the statistics and the O.S 160 does have slightly better performance but we also had two 3W 24's sitting around .
I forgot to mention that my 3W 24 has a pifa tuned pipe on it.
Maybe to much work just for an ARF having to worry about cooling baffles etc. , however the tuned pipe weighs almost exactly the same as the Pitts style . The tuned pipe is also supposed to generate more power . Thats basically it ,plus it helps balance out the plane.
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