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You'd have to add your own ailerons, I don't know if I've seen one with it. Also, those wings are REALLY flexi. The foam is the same style as the Walmart 3.00 chuck gliders, this one is just bigger, so If you add strip ailerons, they'll have to sit and kink while the wing bows. Pull a hard enough loop and the wings will touch tips. I'd stick with Rudder/Elevator for controls.

High Start? Again, you'll have to do some serious strengthining of the wings. A light wind sloper it might be good for, but I think it'll just fold on any highstart you might have. You could rout a 1/4 groove in each wing and poly u a CF pushrod into it, then add a spar joiner in the middle and that would stiffen the wing nicely. Ad a 1/4 in ch balsa trailing edge and hook ailerons up to that, but I've seen many happy hours of flying on these things with just a speed 400 shoved in the nose and not much else save a splash of paint.

With my 15 size one, I used to go up to the field and fly around the hay spools, or fly big figure 8's with me at the center, pulling up to clear my head, all at about 5 mph. It's cool to watch the tail swing way out, then watch the wing start to dip, then watch the airplane react to that and turn.