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Default RE: Skymaster Hawk Once Again (at least!)

Hi, Ron from New Zealand here and I am doing the Skymaster Hawk. I cannot find any previous posts on my query so here goes.

Ali or David I hope you can help.

I am concerned that the clunk may not be able to follow the fuel when inverted using the supplied Skymaster fuel cells.
My reasoning is, because the tank is more verticle then ordinary and the outlet is at the top I worry that the clunk will not be able to move to the (new) top of the tank when the model is inverted as easy as it would if the tank outlet was at center height.
The tube and clunk would have to bend a full 180 deg. to stay in the fuel when the tank is getting near empty.
I have watched Ali's clips of the model and it does not appear to suffer and problems when inverted so I would be pleased to learn if you have done anything special in plumbing the cells.