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Default RE: Skymaster Hawk Once Again (at least!)

Before dry testing I had similar doubts about the fuel tanks. BUT using flexible tygon lines and little adjusting I managed to set it up so that in both tanks clunk will go to every corner also inverted - and no kinks. Now after 18 flights no problems - no significant amount of air in UAT after flight (lots of rolls and some inverted flight).

About the rudder servo - I deffinately would have installed a more powerfull servo if only there was space! I tried jr9411 but it won't fit without modification. With Hitec 225MG I have at ATVs 140% both ways, shortest possible servo arm and long rudder horn. This way movement about 30mm (1 1/4 inch) each way. Prolonged knife edge and point rolls good, no signs of flutter yet...

Btw, increased flap movement to about 35mm with a little crow (about 6-7mm up aileron). Elevator mix with max flap about 10mm up. CG at 185mm. Very easy to land now.