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Default RE: Skymaster Hawk Once Again (at least!)

I shared your concern about the vertical tank . Although Ali says he has no problems, for the sake of confidence if nothing else I installed the tank FLAT under the rear radio tray and relocated the feed hole in the tank. Works perfectly for me and took very little extra time to do. You can use a UAT or just a simple header tank, 4 ounces or so, with a centrally located pickup, my experience is that both work equally well in a correctly plumbed and airtight system. I should add that after a flight including rolling manoeuvres there is almost NO air in the header and thats how it should be. Very much looking forward to doing a lot of flying with my Hawk this southern hemisphere summer as well as building my Airworld Hawk, being delivered as I write. Now that really is a superscale Hawk and full review coming in RCJI.

Yes I use 8511s they are hardly any bigger than a standard servo, cost only a little more and a strong, very strong servo is one of the best defences against flutter. I don't recall anyone losing a model because of a strong servo but know of many where a weak servo lead to flutter or degraded control. I should add that I installed the servo in the fuselage which allowed a concealed linkage as well as space for the 8511.


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