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Default RE: Skymaster Hawk Once Again (at least!)


I have installed a Hitec 225 digital MG servo using the aluminium arm that comes with the servo. As you are no doubt aware this will not fit in the existing hole as the servo is proud of the rear of the opening in the fin. I have increased the length of the opening by about 20 mm and made a new 2mm plywood hatch to which I have glued / screwed beech blocks and the servo is screwed to the blocks. The servo is fitted as far forward as possible and the back end of the servo is still a tight fit under the cover but much better than the standard installation.The cover is screwed to the existing rear ply triangular plates and similiar new ones at the front end.

The cover is then painted to match the model. I have also increased the opening on the aileron servos to allow me to use the Hitec HS 5625 MG digitals the servos are screwed to beech blocks and glued to 2mm ply plates which are then glued to the upper wing surface using Hysol or equal., The flaps are similiar but using the supplied openings / covers.I am using one of the Hitec HS5998 TG giving 18kg at 6 volts on the elevator.

For tanks I have used two Dubro 32oz tanks mounted one on top of the other with fuel being drawn into the top tank from the bottom tank and then to a Graupner 6oz hopper with central pick up using an Orbit clunk, the main tank uses a felt clunk (weighted) on tygon, as the tank is shallow clunk movement is not a problem. 64oz should give a comfortable 8 minutes with the Wren Supersport.