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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Another win for greyhound.

Update on FedEX shipping the yak to Marcus that was discussed several pages back....

I finally was reimbursed by FedEx for the value of the replacement parts. Again, like we all know, Chris is the best on customer service so a HUGE pat on the back goes to them. However, here is a brief recap of everything I learned from FedEx.

1. I didn't declare a value on the shipping label because the lady at the counter only told me that I had to fill out one small portion of the slip.

2. I didn't sign the customer agreement section agreeing to the terms and conditions. Again, I was only told to complete the first section and nothing else.

3. One of FedEx's terms and conditions is that they have no-liability for "scale models" regardless of what declared value you state on the form. What that means is that had I declared a higher value and the package was damaged I would have paid a higher shipping charge for the insurance to find out later that I was insured for nothing.

4. Have plenty of photos, great communication from buyer, and all the facts together as well as having a claim filed on your end and the buyer's end with their local FedEx hub I think really helped. When Marcus got done with the local FedEx hub they were completely embarrassed that the driver even left the package in that condition.

5. Once you've got your story, go through the proper channels and expect to speak to a supervisor becuase the first level of guys you talk to can't do anything about the claim since it's a model. Every excuse was pulled out to try to prevent the claim (as is to be expected - afterall I did work fortune 500 for 4 years and did some of that myself) but having my facts together and the photos to back it up I think really helped drive everything home.

Honestly, had I signed the conditions and agreement form I would have been out of luck and FedEx would not have paid anything. From my understanding, that is what happened to Chris and he is out yet another $10,000 in damaged merchandise because of it. The lady at FedEx once I convinced her that FedEx/Kinko's had messed up took care of me and was very nice. However, luck was on my side and great buyer than anything else. That reminds me, I need to leave a feedback rating for Marcus! A+

So the moral of the story... do NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT ship anything RC Airplane related via FedEX under any circumstances at all. If it's damaged - your out of luck. I don't know about UPS but I do know that Greyhound has been a champ for me over and over again. Hope I wasn't unclear - I hate it when people don't understand me