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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

I do the KE spin with my yak out of blenders mostly because it is just another way to show diversity as the plane descends. But it is easy to do, I just get the plane in a ke and cut the power till it starts to descend then come in with aileron and down elevator on 3D rates and just bump the throttle off idle. The required aileron may be same or opposite depending on the plane. I cannot say how much aileron, elevator or throttle to put in but you will need to finess this some and play with it to see what your plane wants. Start high as these KE spins cause excessive altitude loss quickly. Now, the most important part, how to get out of it once you are in it. You can let the controls go neutral and it will come out, but you might not like how it does it. I just cross my rudder to the opposite side I was holding and it will go into an inverted flat spin and once the altitude loss stops I add throttle and begin releasing the inputs so it flies out of it. Play with this and you will get it.
I think you hit on one critical factor in getting this plane to KE spin... throttle position. Obviously you are using a low throttle setting, while I have been trying mine at high to full. When I do this manuever with my Vision (or profiles), I always use full throttle and it works great. My Vision whips around on the wing tube at a blinding speed. But, I think that the additional authority the control surfaces of the Yak have over the Vision, is causing the excessive throttle to push the plane out of the manuever?

This may also be my problem with doing successive downline tumbles. I can make my Vision tumble "in place" with full high down elevator by pulsing 0-100% throttle throughout the revolutions. But, the Yak barely does one tumble then kicks out of it. It's likely that all that throttle going over a more authoritative tail (and shorter tail moment) is kicking it out?

From looking at the problems I'm having with these two specific manuevers (that I don't have problems with on my Vision), it becomes apparent that it relates to any manuever that require axial rotation on the wing tube. Seems like I need to back off the goose a little when I try those types of manuevers?