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Default Air Hogs Aero Ace!

Hello everyone. I bought one of these today and just a half hour ago flew it in my 1/8th acre backyard....GET THIS PLANE!!! It is a true backyard flyer! I got it at Toy's 'R Us, $30.00. Worth it. Now I bought a Slo-V and Firebird Scout in the past 2 weeks, my first RC planes but have not had the chance to fly them yet so this Aero Ace is actually my first RC flight and it is a BLAST! Took me about a half hour or so to figure out how to fly it but I can't wait for tomorrow to fly some more!

It's RTF, all you need to do (if you want to) is put on the decals and charge the plane. The TX takes 6 AA's and the plane has a Lithium in it.

Flys for about 10-15 minutes per charge depending on throttle use.

A VERY light toss sends it on it's way.