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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

CF landing gear

Hi Guys,

I have a KMP 87" Yak and I talked with Mike at Graph Tech to see if they were going to make CF gear for our planes. He said yes, but he needed dimensions. I figured I'd gather up the dimensions for the various brands of 84-87" Yaks out there and send them all to him. They should be close enough in dimension that he can make one that will fit them all, which I'm sure is what he'd want to do. So, if you guys can help out and send me the dimensions of your gear, it would help. Multiple responses are fine, since it would be nice to get multiple examples to make sure we're getting it right.

Here's what he'll need:

He needs three dimensions. A, B, C, D. Here is a description of what they are:

“A” is the width of the gear across the fuselage, “B” is the height from the top of the gear to the center of the axle, “C” is the width of the gear at the axles, “D” is the width at the top of the gear from front to back - at the mounting point.

They don't have a measurement for angle of the gear, but I'm pretty sure that will be close for all of them and I'll provide that measurement, but if you can you can add that to, that would be great. If you were looking down on the gear it would be the dimension from the front of the top of the gear to the front for the bottom of the gear.

Thanks in advance.