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Default SPAD-o-holics....

I hope I don't get into too much troble doing this, because my intent is NOT to hurt any site, specifically the RCU. I am only trying to put together a compact reference based tool, for SPAD-o-holics to use in conjunction with their favorite sites. So PLEASE, Mods, Admin...please let this post stand to help fellow modelers find answers to common questions, and visit yourselves, you WILL find a link to the RCU there.

To all SPAD-o-holics....

As for the info, most of it is out there....somewhere...I'm just trying to isolate that which may be of use to SPAD-o-holics, in 1 place.I'm constantly looking for more info to post, either in file form, or link, so if ya got something, let me know. THIS is why I established this site....info...NOT to take any traffic away from any other site, only to compliment them all!

Membership is easy, click on join, and you're in. It would be nice if you had your Yahoo profile up to date with a name and general location, just so everyone can get comfortable with one another, but it's not required.

So come on over...


Oh, and before I forget....start a photo album, try to keep pics down around 450x350 pixels....and don't be surprised to see some of YOUR pics on the home page....instead of my early morning, green, self.....lol