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In answer to someone's question as to which engine was best, I made a statement that "You can't find a negative comment on any thread about a "Taurus," engine. even though I realized at the time when I made it, I was setting myself up for controversy. Now, after a couple of months have past, I have received several PM's regarding my comments, so I'm going to respond in this way.
I would like for anyone that has owned, or had 1st hand experience with the "Taurus" engine," to give us there overall opinion of it.
In doing so, I would like for the responders to follow this simple criteria.

1: You must have owned a "Taurus," engine (or have used or observed someone else who has).

2: Give your overall, personal opinion as to it's ]Reliability, Smoothness of operation, Starting, Transition, Quality, and customer service.

Most of all, this thread is not meant to be a popularity contest to decide which engine is the best, or, who has the best customer service. There are many engines to choose from on the market today: DA, 3W, BME, ZDZ, BRISON, SACHS, QUADRA, AND ZENOAH. I own, and fly every one of them, and I like them all. Each engine has it's own particular traits that are unique to it's MFG. They also have their own following who swear by their engine. (thats called brand loyality) Let's face it, the majority of flyer's today are just "MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO." Go to any flying field today and you will see that most of the "NEWBIES," use the same kind of radio, use the same kind of motor, as the top pilot's at that field, and they assume that if the BIG BOYS are using it, it has to be the best and soon they will be telling everyone else which is best without ever having owned, or used any other make of engine, or radio and really don't any have any "usuable" knowledge about that which they speak.

It's not up to them or me to tell you which engine is the best. Just read the threads. You'll see which engine has the most complaints, and the least complaints, and it won't take very long at all. And, as to "CUSTOMER SERVICE," my feeling on that matter is "The best customer service, is no customer service."(when it comes to engine repair) Read the Threads then YOU, decide for yourself which is best. After all it's your money.

This thread is not to tell you that Taurus engines are the best (even though I think they are), but to simply respond to the statement I made. I know there will be those who respond that have never even seen a Taurus engine, much less owned one. But, Please, let's keep it on the subject.

Finally I think that when the OWNERS of these Taurus engines respond to this thread,they will determine one way or the other, if what I said was true or not. And, we may even find out that there just may be more Taurus engines being flown out there than is realized.