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Why does the Taurus rus so much better then the other Sachs based gas engines?

That's a really good question, and nobody knows the complete answer except Taurus. It's easy to speculate though. Just because different manufacturer's start with the same OEM's cylinder/head assembly does not make those engines equal in any way. First, it would be very easy to do some simple mods on those stock cylinders to increase power, secondly, the bottomend of the Taurus is their own design, though people will argue some of those components(namely the crank) are OEMed too, so therefore they're ths same. That too is bunk. It is also easy to do minor mods to the lower-end components to make them lighter, stronger, and to make the engine run more smoothly and with more power, which is obvious what Taurus does, though the exact nature of those mods are unknown, and for good reason.

I ran a car racing spec class for years that only allowed very limited modifications, basically blueprinting(bringing all specs to their optimum setting, within manufacturer's tolerances), which by itself, made impressive power and smoothness improvements over a "stock" engine.

Even if Taurus was only blueprinting a stock chainsaw motor(which they are doing a lot more than that), the engine would be vastly superior in reliability, power and smoothness to a manufacturer that did not put the same effort into their engines.

Let's face it, the guys at Taurus really know what they're doing. It's no different than say in Nascar Nextel Cup; everyone has the same basic components to work with, and they all have access to great talents for all aspects of building their motors, but some are just more talented than others and end up with more powerful, and more reliable, engines.