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OK Bill, I'll get the comments I was going to make written tomorrow. I spent 1 1/2 hours writting them this morning before I went to church, only too find out that when I posted them, the only thing posted was the "Tease" Quickly though, in answer to the question about the two different engines, (SACHS & TAURUS) the asumption that the Taurus engine is "SACH's" based is incorrect. The only thing common between the two engines is the cylinder. But.....even the cylinders are different when they are closely compared one to the other. I don't think one could call a GREYHOUND, a BLOODHOUND, just because they are both dogs? But as John, (my brother) said, This thread is not meant to compare one engine against the other. It will simply be a thread to confirm, (or dis-credit) a statement that I made awhile back.