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2: Give your overall, personal opinion as to it's ]Reliability, Smoothness of operation, Starting, Transition, Quality, and customer service.

Ok, I'll play. Even though lots of people reading this will already know my opinion and experience, as it has been documented many times in the past, but here goes...

I hate Taurus......JUST KIDDING.... My primary experience was with a TS-42 in a Dave Patrick 27% Extra. I had owned at that time all of the brands Bob has mentioned in his post plus a couple more. I too had had good experiences with all of them, though I did have my favorites. I bought the Taurus because of the urging from an online friend that swore by his, and said I should try one. I certainly did not expect to become the vocal proponent I became after spending some time with that engine.

From the beginning it was a very positive experience. The engine was cosmetically attractive and appeared to be made of quality materials and constructed with care. I was not disappointed. From the first time I started it, I knew the Taurus was different. Even new, it started in a couple of flips of turning on the ignition, idled at a relatively slow(for a new engine) speed and very reliably, right from the start. It was easy to tune, with a very smooth and quick transition. Faster than any small gas engine I'd had. The next obvious thing I noticed was it was definitely smoother than any other single I'd ever owned. I had been told this, but didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes.

The engine continued to perform reliably, in starting and performance as long as I had it. The other thing that was amazing is that it was the most powerful engine I'd had in that size range too, and still is from what I can ascertain from the current numbers people are posting for engines that size....and 50's. That's a very difficult one to prove since there are so many variables involved, but I guarantee you it definitely was not lacking power.

I really can't see you going wrong with a Taurus. I continue to try other engines because it's my nature to experiment, but nothing has topped it yet, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to own another one.