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Very good post Bill. That's exactly the way I feel about "Taurus" engines, and I suspect most, if not all of the others who do now or have in the past owned this engine, feel the same way. I have the same feeling for "TAURUS" engines, that I have for the "Volkswagon," automobile.(the old one) They both are as close to being perfect as one could hope for, yet they've been that way since day one. Someday I hope everyone will have an opportunity to run one of these exceptional engines, because only by seeing for themselves, will they truly understand why We, as "Taurus" owners are so loyal to this engine. Running one is an experience one won't forget, Flying one is even better. Even if you don't purchase one, I bet you still won't have anything negative to say about the engine...... I guess some may say that a few of us Myself, bpryor AJF and Excaliber, are just a "CULT" follow'ers, and I do admit I'm a sucker most all small gas engines we use for our "TOY" PLANES, and sometimes it might even hurt when I have to part with one of them. I just seem to be a magnet for this stuff, and aquire so many large airplanes, I run into storage constraints. Then, I'm forced to sell something so I can buy something. Guess it must be in the "genes," because my two brothers, John, & Ronnie, are just as bad as I am.