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tom..hows your range on yours??..mine wasnt great..so I lengthened the antenna to 50cms...now it goes as far as I hoped it would while still maintaing control....I bought a 1s-220 mah lipo to put in it..should be here this week..it weighs about 1.2 grams more then the stk lipo..but I think the plane will handle the weight easily..as I will place the new lipo more forward a bit..to make it a bit nose heavy..which will allow the nose weight to be taken off..I also took off my bottom wing..so now its a single wing..flys great this way...

Well so far about 40-60 feet or so. I did have it not respond a few times around 40-50 feet or so but it may have been due to the TX antenna pointing right at the the plane instead of broadside to the plane. I believe that makes a difference. I have not done any mods to mine and don't really care to. I may do the spring removal mod to the throttle stick though.