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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly


How much more will the DA50 weigh with a K&S tuned pipe on it compared to the pitts muffler?
That all depends on how you do it. A weight range would be 12-20 oz. A KS 60cc canister weighs 8 oz, and the header if made with KS stainless will weigh in the 4 oz range(w/coupler), plus whatever mounting system you use. Mine weighs less than an oz.....so assuming you keep the weight in the lower end of the range, you're looking at around 4-5 oz of additional weight. A properly tuned KS can should give you 300-400 RPM gain, which woud be 2-4 lbs of thrust....so obviously you'll more than overcome the weight with the additional thrust, but the question is a personal choice on the increased wing loading.