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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly


Hi guys.
Need your help with a strange rudder problem.

I had crashed my Yak a couple of weeks ago and destroyed the fuse. Instead of repairing, I got a new fuse. In the meantime, I sent my JR-8611 back for the servo top upgrade.

After finishing the plane, my rudder has started acting really weird.

I give full left rudder, the rudder doesn't come back to the exact center. It's a little bit off to the left.

Now I give right rudder, the rudder comes back to the exact center.

Again left rudder, same problem

It is off substantially. I don't think it's safe to fly the plane with the rudder off to the left so much.

I rigged up a test servo arm using a long carbon fiber rod taped to a servo arm. This gives me a more accurate reading.

The centering problem does not appear in this case. Why is it when I hook up the rudder, the rudder does not center.

Could it be a geometry problem with the linkage set up ?

It's the same setup that I used last time, nothing has changed...