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Hi All,

At Last the DA saga is nearing an end...
New carb arrived at last and have set to factory settings the motor started very easily and predictably, also the needles/ rpm/ pickup issues that I had before are controllable and the motor responds correctly to the needle settings which i believe was the core of my frustrations before, I still have a very slight 'burble' on pickup but a quick throttle curve has hidden it and its now so low in the rpm that it wont come into play when trying to fly, also the motor is a lot smoother and less vibration is being passed back into the airframe. The ailerons only wobble a bit on tickover now!

With the new carb Im getting 7250rpm running a 23*8 mezlik I have suddenly got around 500 rpm more!! which i guess to be a quite a step up in power available than before. Oh and Im running on a Zimmerman cannister.

So now I'm looking forward to flying this model when time allows but it all looks very promising, once I have managed to secure the cowl (psp binders have eaten approx an 1/2!QUOT! hole in the cowl) and worked out a way to secure the cannister I tried the mod in previous pages but the can has melted the tygon tube with which it was being held! will have to look for a different method.